New girl

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I am a recently new stylist and am trying to build my clientele. I am also a part time cashier at a grocery store. I would like to pass out my cards to customers at the register. I just don’t know what to say and how to approach it wih out being offensive, pushy and creepy. Advice please?

Prom Up-do’s

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Ok everyone I’m new to this site and also new to this industry.. I’ve been doing hair for two years now, and learn something new everyday. that’s the fun of it though ;) I work at a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon so I only use P.M. I’m getting better with up-do’s, but would like some advice on prepping the hair. Any feed back will help, thank you.

New Video From Colortrak

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Here is a new video from Colortrak!

I used color blocked sections to create subtle depth and contrast for a perfect Copper Red:


Choose Your Shape
One of the most important aspects when selecting a hair style is determining your face shape. You will want to consider the size and features and type of hair to properly choose a style that would compliment you. Evaluate if you have a round, square, oval or heart shape face. Consult your hair stylist who can discuss your options and will design a custom look that is best for you!

Volume and Texture
Using the correct hair tools can enhance the shape you desire. The blow-dryer combined with the right size roll brush will create fullness to layered hair. Choose products such as a root lift, mousse, or styling gel and apply at the roots for volume. Begin to dry hair to a damp state before applying a roll brush. Section your hair starting at the nape to create the foundation. Work upward toward the crown. You can apply a light spray to the roll brush at the crown after the hair is dry to set in the volume and hold your style. Also, try a small amount of hair paste or light styling mud for more texture.

Short Looks
Use your fingers at the crown to lift and tossel to create the desired shape. You can also tease the base at the roots to create volume. To add separation and texture apply a styling mud, palmade or wax.

Longer Hair
Curling irons in various sizes will enhance different curl formations throughout your layers. Twist sections of hair wrapping them around a curling iron in opposite directions to create a soft sexy curl. With a few pins you can throw it up into an elegant updo for an evening out.

Curly Hair
Using a diffuser accompanied with curl enhancing products can ensure a soft bouncy texture. Add a few varied curl shapes with a spiral curling iron and finish with a light styling paste or shine gel to avoid frizz and create more separation to the curl.

Smooth and Shiny
Begin with smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry as much moisture as possible. Apply a smoothing cream throughout the hair. Blow-dry the hair to continue to remove moisture until it is at a damp state. Section the crown in clips and start blow-drying at the nape. You may apply a light de-frizz oil after each section is dry. Using a paddle brush will keep a smoother finish. A flat iron can be used along with a thermal spray with each dry section to create a sleek look. To complete your style, use a shine spray to add more luster. If you have fine hair, use a light finishing spray. For medium to coarse hair, use a stronger hold hairspray to ensure a style that lasts through an exciting evening out on the town!

Hello All!

I am starting my own business next week and can’t wait to get started! I would appreciate any constructive words of wisdom from those of you who already own your own salons! Thanks!

Brenton Lee, Hair Artist & Co-Owner of the Brenton Lee Hair Salon. & Follow on Twitter: @Brenton_Lee.

Shot/Edited by CJ Johnson. A Tru American Media Production. Music by Mark Rogers.

Guest Apperance by Ron Raphael, Hair Artist.

Watch this easy step-by-step color technique by Gregory Alan


I love the use of vibrant colors with the added background of depth! A great way to transition natural colors into bright funky colors is the use of color melting.

Here is a super easy way to create a transition of dark to vibrant by melting the colors together with this color blocking technique

1. Depending on the number of colors you are using create deep circular zig zag sections from the top of the head to the bottom. They key here is to create a random section, do not strive for perfection.



2. Starting with the bottom sections apply your brightest shade of color throughout this entire section.

3. Continue working your way up the head moving from your brightest shade to your darkest shade at the very last section on the top of the head.

It’s important that your transition of color as you move up the head is similar in shade and tone to get the greatest melted color look. If you use shades that have too much contrast you will achieve a different result. Because the colors marry so well, the transition of lengths within the layers and shape of the hair will give you an amazing color result!

-Gregory Alan


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Hello Everybody! I just wanted to stop by to introduce myself. You can lean more about my services at
I am a hair stylist located in Orlando Florida and would like to join your network to share and learn more about you.